Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

This year we decided to go to the local pumpkin patch with Kyle. I wasnt to sure how he would enjoy it since pumpkins are pretty to me but not sure if he would like it. needless to say he absolutly loved it!! i think he might have thought it was a giant yard of orange balls he could play with but he did get to pick one out and take it home. Its safe to say the pumpkin patch will become a yearly outing for us!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


so we were talking on the way home from tallahassee this weekend about kyles chritmas presents. i want to get him a power wheel but we werent to sure if at 18 months that was a good idea. Then my wonderful husband had a idea. under my inlaws barn was an old 4 wheeler power wheel. chris went and got it and cleaned it up as best as he could and kyle was in heaven. when i took him outside to see it he actually put both hands over his mouth and started squealing!!!

he loved it we just had to stop him before he ran into a tree.

South Florida @ Florida State

i was on my way home from the office friday and chris called to let me know that his cousin called him and had his hands on some great tickets to the FSU game on saturday in Tallahassee. We are huge football fans so i instantly called my sis and law and she gladly accepted to have a fun filled day with kyle on saturday. We didnt understand what great tickets are until we got there.

There was no one between me and the field!! how awesome were these tickets!! they really were GREAT!! the game was pretty disappointing but we had a great time!

Thanks Dave and Sara we had a blast and cant wait to do it real soon!!!

South Florida - 17 Florida State - 7

Monday, September 21, 2009


so its official!! i am a part time Stay At Home Mommy. i talked with chris and he thought it was a great idea and that we could financially handle it right now. so i am with my little man part time during the week and i am so excited. i think were going to start learning how to color and finger paint and all kinds of fun stuff while daddy is at work. Again SO EXCITED I JUST CANT HIDE IT!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a tale of two lovers...

ok so in my previous post i needed advice if i should be worried about Kyle and his love for olivia. please see figure A.

Figure A

If you notice right before olivia starts screaming some how her shirt is attached to kyles mouth. please see figure B now.

Figure B

i dont think right now i have to much to worry about.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1 with a girlfriend!

So i think i have a problem on my hands but you be the judge. Yes i know my baby is so stinking cute and yes he does give the best kisses and hugs and i know I'm his mommy and i will ALWAYS have a special spot in his heart but i think i have an issue already...

This is my best friend Kimberly's little girl Olivia, isn't she cute!

She is 6 months and 3 days older than kyle so they have always been together.

This was the other night when i told kyle to say bye bye to Olivia cause we were going home. Kimberly was pulling her away from him. I never saw the tongue until i looked at the picture.
He loves to give kisses!

Should i be worried?


Kyle has been a little mover since about six months which kept us on our toes around eight months he deciced to start pulling up which kept us on our tippy toes. NOW he is offically a walker and it keeps us RUNNING after him. We just thought our house was baby proofed.